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BFR Therapy Can Slow Down Process Of Bone Loss

BFR Therapy Can Slow Down Process Of Bone Loss

A crucial breakthrough to recover from ACL injury, which can potentially inhibit the bone and muscle loss

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury is one of the most painful orthopedic injuries, which requires a complicated surgery. During this, the loss of bone and muscle is observed because of changes in satellite cell abundance and muscle protein balance. Such loss of bone and muscle now can be inhibited through blood flood restrictions (BFR) therapy. This therapy is worked out with the conventional rehabilitation process, which may slow down bone loss and also improve function quicker.     

For this research, 23 young patients were chosen with an average age of 23 and were then divided into two groups. Although both groups had the same rehab protocol, during the exercise, the BRF group worked with 80% arterial limb occlusion with the help of automatic tourniquet. During this process, bone density, bone mineral density, and lean muscle mass were measured with the help of DEXA (Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry). According to Dr. Lambert, the BRF process is found to help preserve the bone, improve function quicker and recover muscle loss. Interestingly, similar results were found where BFR had reduced the loss of bone material in the content. It has also preserved the bone density more effectively when compared to standard rehab.

Furthermore, when used along with aerobic, ambulation, and resistance exercise, BFR helps stimulate bone hypertrophy, resolve activation problems, and strength adaptations. It is due to muscle protein synthesis and satellite propagation. Because of this, there can less risk of damaging meniscus, graft, cartilage, and other intra-articular structures. It is quite evident that BFR is an appropriate additional therapy for traditional ACL rehabilitation which would minimize the muscle and bone loss. Although further research is needed to get a thorough insight into the process, it can still be used quicken the process of healing.