Learn 7 Steps towards Being a Famous Musician

learn to be famous musician

It’s time to get your head on straight. The following paragraphs are going to cover 7 tips you can use toward moving into the music game with a clear and focused mind.

1) Always Be An Optimist:

If you think about it, this might be the only thing that you really have control over. If you start all of this with relentless optimism, then you’ll have a natural resistance to the feelings of neglect that you are bound to experience early on, and believe that will be tested. It’s good to have thick skin, because the standards for getting into this business are really high. Roughly 80,000 albums get put out each year, and Billboard is just one of several charts that report on the few hundred at the top. That means that only 0.25 percent of all releases are making enough noise to even get on the industry’s radar. Those facts can easily sour your optimism.

2) Absorb Excellence So You Can Emanate It Yourself:

This is going to matter in everything that you do in regards to music. It starts with the kinds of music that you choose to listen to. There are times when society might tell us that mediocrity is okay, and that lowering our standards or expectations is alright, but it isn’t. Excellence is always within your reach, if you just observe and understand it. Learn from teachers that really know music appreciation and theory, and study anyone who has been successful in music to learn what they’ve done. Listen to everything great that you can, regardless of the genre, so that you can see the beauty in all music, regardless of what personal preferences you might have. You’ll be laying down a foundation of appreciation and comprehension of the fundamentals of excellence that wing up influencing your own music and career.

3) Know Where The Top Revenue Streams Are In This industry

The top three money makers in this business include a broad variety of subtopics, but you need to know how you can generate revenue from each. They are touring, publishing, and branding.

Playing live and touring should be relatively obvious, because festival attendance is at an all-time high right now. It’s a matter of promoters wanting to put you on stage and then getting your fans to those shows.

Publishing means writing and then recording original music. Make sure you own not just the master rights but also any mechanical and performance rights, so you have the power to control and publish your own work.

Branding means that your likeness, image, logos, identity, and representation are clearly aligned with identical products which can help you promote your musical mission.

At the time of writing, “This Business of Music” was being published in its 10th edition. It’s a great reference guide and reading material if you’re looking for music industry success.

Spotify can also be a good way to make money and streaming is increasingly big. You can buy Spotify plays to make yourself more popular and this can help you earn money indirectly as it makes you more popular.

4) Get A Robust Group Together To Be Your Sounding Board:

This honestly should be professional peers. Friends and family might be very willing to give you advice and guidance in terms of your music, but they’re more than likely going to be biased in wanting to support you. Actual industry professionals are more likely to give you very constructive criticism and advice you can use in setting realistic expectations and goals. Keep in mind that your parents or grandparents are likely to love anything that you do, whether it’s a kindergarten finger painting or a serious album, so you can’t take what they have to say very seriously.

 5) Remember That No One Just Gets Out Of Bed And Puts On Their Famous Suit:

The path to music business glory is rarely a straight one. Once an artist actually breaks onto the scene, they’ve likely already got their story about how it happened and got them there. It’s regrettable that most of your new fans aren’t ever going to witness this stretch of your journey, since it happened before they ever knew about you in the first place. The broader public might think they just woke up one morning and there you were with a sudden song filling their minds and hearts. However, you know that a long, winding path to success is what really brought you here.

6) Be Mindful Of Who You Get Advice From:

It’s only natural to want to get advice from anyone that’s been quite successful. They must know what they’re talking about, right? However, you should keep in mind that some of the best advice might not come from the successful, but also those who failed miserably and are quite aware of the mistakes that they made.

7) Incorporate:

You’ll probably be on a shoestring budget early on, so be wise about your spending and cash flow. One smart move is incorporating your brand. if you manage your expenses and cash flow appropriately, you can enjoy some nice tax breaks as well as some legal protection. It’s not even that hard to do, as you can start your own LLC for around $500 at LegalZoom.com. Other company structures are possible too.

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