Polydextrose Market Set for Rapid Growth And Trend by 2025

The global polydextrose market is mainly dominated by the North American region, countries such as Canada and the U.S. accounted for a global share of 19.5% in the market, in 2015. Changing food habits and consciousness for health in countries such as India and China, are expected to shift the demand towards the Asia-Pacific region in the near future.

According to U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) – Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 – part c – polydextrose may be used in goods manufacturing practices as a bulking agent, formulation aid, humectant, and texturizer in all foods, except meat and poultry, baby food, and infant formula, which is intended to increase the safety of food as well as increase the demand for food containing polydextrose.

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According to a survey conducted by Tate & Lyle – 55% of global consumers are trying to avoid sugars and 52% are seeking to add more fiber to their diet. The demand for dietary food and beverages in Europe, is met by polydextrose, which in turn increases the demand for polydextrose in the European market.The key participants in the polydextrose market are Tate & Lyle, Danisco A/S, Medallion Labs, Baolingbao Biology, MengzhouTailijie, Vitahealth, CJ CheilJedang, Shandong Minqiang Biotechnology Co. Ltd., Samyang Genex, and Cargill Inc.

The growing health concerns among the populace has boosted the demand for polydextrose consumption, thus propelling growth of the polydextrose market. Diabetic foods and sugar free products are often produced by polydextrose due to its property of low sugar content. Health consciousness is the key factor expecting to drive market growth over the forecast period. Polydextrose health benefits such as rich fibers, low glycemic index, and low carb quantity to medical foods and nutritional products. Polydextrose is thus expected to witness an increasing demand through food and healthcare services, in the near future.

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Polydextrose possess low content of sugar, calories, and cholesterol, thus used as a diabetic food additive to help in the reduction of blood fats and blood sugar. The increasing level of lifestyle coupled with high disposable income among the populace has resulted in an increased prevalence of type 2 diabetes, this in turn, is increasing the demand for polydextrose, boosting the market growth.







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