Rising awareness of medical tape related skin injuries are driving the medical breathable tapes market

Medical breathable tape, also known as surgical tape is a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape used in first aid and medicine, commonly to hold a bandage onto a wound. Breathable tapes usually have a hypoallergenic adhesive, which is specially designed for firm holding onto skin and can be removed easily without damaging the skin. They are termed breathable as they easily allow air to reach the skin. Latex free medical grade adhesive offers a major advantage with patients suffering from sensitive and fragile skin. The breathable tapes such as Kinesiology Tape are elastic bandages with adhesives made of cotton. Surgical tapes contains zinc oxide which help in preventing infections. 3M tape made of microporous material are widely used post surgeries.

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The common types of medical breathable tapes are:

  1. Medical Adhesive Tape

Also known as surgical tape, made with zinc oxide to reduce the risk of infection. The breathable nature allows air circulation which kills the bacteria and allows the wound to heal faster. Various materials are used for making these tapes, they include, silk, nylon, plastics, foam and paper

  1. Cloth Adhesive Tape

They are adhesive tapes made from cloth and offer durability and flexibility. They are used to secure ventilation tubes, intravenous lines and other devices in place.

  1. Pressure sensitive adhesive tape

The pressure tape is wrapped on the wound to prevent movement and minimize friction. They are commonly available in first aids for securing bandages on the wounds. The adhesive is made of hypoallergenic material which does not leave any residue and can be painlessly removed. They are used by athletes on elbows, ankles for securing joints by giving them support.

  1. Waterproof tape

Owing to the hydroscopic nature of the tape, water does not penetrate the bandage and helps in preventing infection. The tape acts as insulator preventing blood from crossing the barrier, keeping the wound more sterile. They are commonly found in clinics, hospitals.

  1. Micro pore tape

Also called paper tape, it is commonly used with people having sensitive and delicate skin. The elder people with thin skin are commonly treated by applying micro pore tape. The pores make the tape breathable and provides germ free environment.

Innovative products offering patient safety is expected to fuel growth of the medical breathable tapes market

The World Health Organization in 2014 stated that, 7 out of 100 hospitalized patients acquire hospital acquire infections (HAIs) due to the presence of a non-sterile environment. Growing clinical awareness, increase in incidence of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), rising awareness of medical tape related skin injuries are driving the medical breathable tapes market. Moreover, increase in adoption of medical breathable tapes for securing critical tubes and dressing, is propelling the growth of medical breathable tapes market.

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Alternative wound care products restraining the market growth

Although the number of surgeries performed every year is increasing globally owing to increasing incidence of chronic diseases and accidents, impact of alternative wound care and closure products is expected to the restrain the market growth. Use of adhesives and sealants counters the market growth of medical breathable tapes. However, demand for medical breathable tapes is still significant in emerging economies where the penetration of newer wound care products is still lower compared to developed economies such as the U.S., Canada, Germany, France and the U.K.

3M is at the forefront for adhesive innovation with a commitment to enhance patient safety

Key players operating in the medical breathable tapes market are 3M, DYNAREX, Medtronic, and Medline Industries. 3M is expected to dominate the global market with the production of innovatory adhesives like Universal Cloth Adhesive Tape to enhance patient safety. Other vendors focusing on strengthening their global presence by introducing inexpensive products include NICHIBAN, BSN Medical, McKesson, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, DUKAL, Smith & Nephew plc.

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