Stun Gun Market Revenue Growth Predicted by 2025

France, Argentina, Myanmar, Mexico, Bangladesh, and India are among the most civil unrest prone regions, owing to substantial number of news headlines associated with the civil riots. Moreover, some riots in these countries past have witnessed requirements of military interventions to ensure the peace. Recurring surfacing of such incidences are expected to be the most prominent stun gun market growth driver over the forecast period. Additionally these find significant applications for probes against convicts who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs, which reduces their sensitivity to pain.

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Stun guns market refers to the business generated by the non-lethal conducted electrical weapons (CEWs) that are primarily utilized for the self-defense and law enforcement agencies. Ability to incapacitate the potential suspect through the delivery of high voltage electric shocks, with the prime motive of disrupting the muscle functions for small amount of time without causing substantial damage is expected to remain the primary growth driver of the industry over the forecast period.

Increasing concerns and requirement of preparedness to counter the proliferating threats to women’s safety and irregular upsurge of civil riots are expected to drive the industry growth

Number of criminal and rape incidents, in most economies is among the primary concern of the government agencies. Some of the major economies that include Australia, U.S., New Zealand, Norway and France are among the developed economies that have the highest reported incidents per 100,000 citizens. According to the Nations Master crime and rape rate statistics, these countries had over 15 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants. Moreover, usage of lethal weapons is substantially discouraged for the personal protection and are significantly difficult to afford. Requirement of preparedness in case of threat to personal safety are expected to drive the overall industry growth through the next few years. Moreover, functionality of some of the products that feature usability in adverse weather conditions, when pepper sprays or other self-defense tactics prove inefficient, are expected to propel the adoption rates.

Advent of CEWs that can monitor heart rates rhythms with featuring over 99.75% human life safety are gaining significant traction

In August 2016, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center researchers successfully developed stun guns that was capable of recording the subject individual’s heart rhythm and rates and capability to avoid serious injuries and fatalities. Increasing incidences of the serious incidents owing to pre-medical conditions, when using these devices are doing the rounds in media. Moreover, these serious injuries and deaths often included other risk factors, including drug use. These developments will ensure the human life safety and drive the stun gun market.

Law enforcement agencies are anticipated to continue the industry dominance through the forecast period

Major factors driving the segment growth are the increasing adoption of stun guns by special police forces and law enforcement agencies in major countries such as the US, Australia, and Canada. Moreover, increased awareness in the developing and underdeveloped economies about the benefits of these devices will drive the overall product demands through the forecast period.

U.S. accounted for the major global stun gun market share in 2016

High utilization of these devices in both the civil and law enforcement agencies was the primary growth contributor in the region. However, the country has witnessed significant increase in the malpractices of these equipment in domestic violence and fatal incidences due to inappropriate usage on pregnant women and child abuse will drive present considerable growth challenges to the industry growth

Industry is characterized by presence of large number industry participants offering extensive range of products and devices. Some of the key players in the stun gun market include Euro Security Products, MARCH, Nova Security, Shyh Sing Enterprise, TASER International, and Jiun An Technology.

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