HIV Diagnostics Market 2017 | Outlook, Growth By Top Companies, Regions, Types, Applications, Drivers, Trends & Forecasts by 2025

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). As the name suggest, HIV diagnosis tests are carried out to detect the presence of the virus. The HIV diagnosis can be done by blood test, saliva test, viral load test, though the most efficient test results are obtained by Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) test initially and later by Western Bloat Method. The ELISA test, which is enzyme linked immunosorbent assay, uses the antibodies to identify the substance and the western blot technique is used to detect anti –HIV antibodies in the human serum sample. According to WHO, the HIV diagnosis includes free –standing sites, testing services in health care facilities, some community based approaches and HIV self-testing (HIVST).

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The Government initiatives taken to reduce the Incidence of AIDS will boost the growth of HIV Diagnostics Market

With the increasing prevalence of HIV/AIDS globally and various governmental initiatives by countries to generate the awareness of HIV in people has driven the growth of the HIV Diagnostic Market. The region with lower literacy rate where the people are not aware of the transmission mode, changing lifestyle, and unsafe sex are the reasons leading to increased number of HIV cases. To lower the disease incidence and increase the life expectancy, government of various countries along with NGOs are focusing on improving HIV diagnostics and making them easily accessible to the general population. According to WHO report, 2015, there is 0.8% prevalence of HIV globally and Sab-Saharan Africa remains most severely affected area with 70% of people for global population. For instance, the unmet requirements in Asia and Africa region for HIV diagnosis, and the government initiatives taken in the region may drive the market for HIV diagnostics.

The HIV Rapid Diagnostics Test proved to be important for obtaining the early results

HIV testing services can be accessed when a country adopt the strategic combination of service delivery models based on the nature of epidemic, context, cost-effectiveness and available resources. The combination should facilitate the diagnosis of HIV as early as possible to cure the disease on time and provide access to antiretroviral therapy (ART). Also, the use of HIV rapid diagnostics tests has proven to be important strategy to expand access, immediate linkage and follow-up and to enable in the increase in the return of same day results. The infants and children should be diagnosed for HIV as mortality in the first year of life is very high for HIV treated infants which are untreated. Early HIV testing, prompt return of results and rapid initiation of treatments are some of the essential factors. The technology such as Virological testing using nucleic acid testing (NAT) technology can give the better results in HIV diagnosis among this Category of Patients.

North America to witness the major share due to increasing HIV diagnostic centers over the forecast period

The global HIV diagnostics market by region comprises of North America, Asia Pacific, South Africa, Europe and rest of the world. North America dominates the HIV diagnostics market due to supportive government initiatives and funding in order to increase HIV diagnosis procedures and create awareness among the population and increase in demand of HIV diagnosis products in North America. For the North-America region, US government is allocating significant budget for research and development in the area of HIV/AIDS diagnosis and favorable reimbursements policies in the region by the government is encouraging the people to take the HIV diagnostics test which is a driving the HIV diagnostics market in this region.

Asia Pacific is an emerging market for HIV diagnostics, due to increasing patient population suffering from HIV/AIDS and to generate the awareness among the population is pulling the HIV diagnostics market for this region.

The increased involvement in clinical research and development by industry player to boost the growth of HIV diagnostics market

The key players operating the HIV Diagnostics Market globally are Abbott Healthcare, BD Biosciences, Roche Diagnostics, Zyomyx Incorporation, Merck & Company Incorporation, Bristol –Myres Squibb, Janssen Therapeutic, Hologic Incorporation, Chembio Diagnostic Systems, Alere Incorporation, Sysmex Incorporation Gilead Sciences, Qiagen, VIIV healthcare, Beckman Coulter And many others. To increase the accessibility and portability major market players are involved in the clinical research of CD4, antibody test and viral load testing in the HIV diagnostic market.

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Antibody Test segment is accounting for the largest segment because of its extreme accurate results, among the HIV diagnostics market

The global HIV Diagnosis Market is segmented on the basis of product type, end user and region

On the basis of product type, the global HIV diagnostic Market is segmented as:

Antibody test,HIV-1 test,HIV-1 antibody confirmatory test,HIV-2 and O diagnostics test,

Viral Identification Assays,P24 antigen test,Qualitative PCR test,Viral Culture,CD4 testing,Viral load testing,Early Infant diagnostics,.

On the basis of end user the global HIV diagnostics market is segmented as:

Hospitals,Diagnostics Laboratories,Blood banks,Home care settings,Others(cell bank,

Gene bank, Biotechnology and pharma companies),.

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