Mine Clearance System Market Shows Expected Trend to Guide from 2018-2025 with Growth Analysis

Antipersonnel and anti-vehicle mines such as improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are designed to explode when in the proximity, presence or contact of person or vehicle. Mines can remain active for extensive periods of time, often decades after initial deployment and are extremely difficult to detect and clear using conventional mine clearance methods. Requirement to disarm these munitions without endangering the human lives is expected to be among the prominent factors driving the growth of the global mine clearance system market.

According to Landmine Monitor 2016 by International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL), countries with more than 100 km2 of mine contamination include Angola, Chad, Afghanistan, Thailand, and Cambodia. This positions these countries as highly lucrative markets for mine clearance systems over the forecast period.

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High number of casualties through manual demining and disarming the explosive remnants of war (ERW) over the past years will necessitate the deployment of mechanical mine clearance system

According to the ICBL reporting in 2016, manual deminers casualties were around 1,675 over the period of 1999 to 2015. Moreover, these numbers have significantly escalated year-on-year even after constantly developing the operating procedures, demining standards or equipment. However, these demining machines are designed to detonate the underlying explosives with minimal damage to the actual equipment. Incorporation of flails, tillers, manual and remote controls to enhance the operational capabilities and enhance the safety user safety through bullet proof designs are among the major factors fueling the demands. Moreover, Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention or known as the Mine Ban Treaty, that has around 162 state parties to the treaty, has obligations for the states to clear all the mines as soon as possible. Requirement to comply with the convention within the stipulated deadlines requested, will propel the growth of the mine clearance system market over the coming years.

High initial cost, expensive maintenance, and lack of skilled professionals is among the prominent factors impacting the industry growth negatively

Complex operational machinery and the danger of abrupt mishaps due to mishandling is among the major concerns of the users. These mechanical machines were developed, to reduce the onsite casualty rates, however, portray the reverse image owing to these reasons. Moreover, the high initial and maintenance cost, in conjunction with the carrying effectiveness depending on the ambient conditions is among the major factors hampering the growth of the mine clearance system market. Moreover, manufacturers find it difficult to meet the United Nations standard of 99.6% clearance for humanitarian demining.

Manual mode of operation segment held the largest mine clearance system market share in 2016, owing to the lack of skilled professionals and the difficulty in remote operation of these heavy machinery. Moreover, remote operations also enhance the probability of errors in handling of the explosives. However, owing to increasing development in the functionality and safety of the remotely operated machineries, these are expected to find substantial growth prospects over the coming years.

Key participants in the mine clearance system market include the Aardvark Clear Mine Ltd., Armtrac Limited, CEFA, Digger DTR – Demining Technologies, DOK-ING d.o.o., Hydrema Holdings ApS, MineWolf Systems AG, Rheinmetall AG, Scanjack AB, and Way Industries a.s.

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