The launch of automated chemiluminescence immunoassay instrument by Abbott to rise the demand of immunoassay instruments

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Immunoassay Instruments are bioanalytical devices used to perform automated biochemical tests for the detection of various substances or specific proteins in the samples. The immunoassay instruments, also known as analyzers are used in hospitals and clinical laboratories to detect the concentration and presence of analytes in the blood, plasma and urine samples. The immunoassay tests rely on the ability of antibody binding to a specific structure of molecule present in the analytes. The concentration of proteins is measured using the specific antigen-antibody binding properties. The quantification and identification of proteins in the analyte sample is done by using the antibody as a reagent. The advantages of using immunoassay instruments are the minimal human resistance, simultaneous screening of multiple samples. The high sensitivity, reliability, and applicability to a range of compounds, distinctive selective and detection abilities at extremely low concentrations of nanogram to pictogram make immunoassays a powerful tool.

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A wide variety to address health problems drives the immunoassay instruments market

According to the Disease Prevention and Health Promotion estimates in 2017, the immunoassay techniques have prevented up to 14 million lives with early diagnosis, reducing the healthcare costs by $9.9 billion. The adoption of automated techniques to test various substances including antibiotic, anticonvulsant or cardiac glycoside drug concentration determination, cancer markers, endocrine hormone testing drives the market. Rising prevalence of infectious diseases with early diagnosis, prevention, and treatment is the main factor boosting the demand for compact consumable products and instruments in the healthcare sector. The launch of various FDA approved innovative products is expected to fuel the commercialization of immunoassay instruments significantly in the forecast period. For instance, the launch of fluorescence scanning portable instrument ichroma II and enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay (ELISA) test cartridge by iStat cardiac Troponin I.

Asia Pacific is expected to lead the market promoting the utilization of immunoassays with the rise in infectious diseases

Regional segmentation of the immunoassay instruments market by Coherent Market Insights comprises North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle East and Africa. North America is expected to dominate the global market owing to the rising demand for technologically advanced clinical diagnostic analyzers capable to perform multiple immunoassays simultaneously. According to the article published in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News (GEN), the market for infectious disease testing in the U.S. is expected to grow from U.S. $168 billion in 2015 to U.S. $209 billion in 2020 owing to the upsurge of infectious diseases. Additionally, the rising grants from the government and the private healthcare agencies, contributing towards the development of technology and commercialization of immunoassay analyzers, thereby raising the market in North America. The immunoassay instruments market is expected to boost in Asia Pacific owing to the rising research activities in microbiology sector, increasing the prevalence of infectious and chronic diseases like cholera, tuberculosis, typhoid, autoimmune diseases and rising government healthcare grants. For instance, China directed immunoassay market at an estimated U.S. $626 million in 2013 and is estimated to reach U.S. $1309 million by 2018.

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The key players operating the immunoassay market are Siemens, Roche Diagnostics, Abbott Laboratories, Danaher Corporation, and BioMérieux SA. The innovative measures adopted by the leading manufacturers to perform different assays in a short time with minimal operator intervention leads to the rising demand by the manufacturers. For instance, the launch of automated immunoassay instrument working on the principle of chemiluminescence Architect i1000SR by Abbott offers high precision, good performance, and low detection limits. Other key vendors operating the market are Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc., F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics, and Trinity Biotech.

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